The first draft of Shifting Furies is done!

I’m happy to announce that the first draft of Shifting Furies (formerly Ghost and the Shifter) is now complete.  I finished it a day or two ago, and forced myself to take a little break before I come back to it and attack it with a machete.  It’s at about 110k right now, and with a bit of detail thrown in, it should top out at about the same length as GATHB.

I’m mostly happy with it.  I think the parts dealing with Brianna are the best of the two novels, giving her some flaws and cracks in her facade that she kind of needed.  Monica Ames, Rankin Flats’ PD’s finest (also known as the Ball Chomper), was also a surprise to me in this one.  I intended her to be a bit of a guide-type character, pointing the MCs in a direction of a crime to set up the novels, and she’s evolved into something more.  It’s nice when a character surprises you like that.

Anyways, editing will start soon.  I plan on taking my time with it and really polishing this one, but it shouldn’t need a full rewrite like GATHB.  I’ll hopefully have it out sometime in August or September.

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Writer, occasional victim of pug crop-dusting.

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