The Fit Hit – Mar. 12, 2018

Been a while, but I’ve been on the mend from a fall on the ice and my workouts haven’t been great. Happy to report I’m good now.

And as an added bonus, it seems our endless winter is finally easing up a little. My folks bought me a ten day swim pass at the local Spa Motel, fed naturally by sulfur hot springs in the area (if you’ve read The Ghost at His Back, it’s mentioned in there). The winter’s been so bad I haven’t had a chance to use it once – and get this, the motel’s only a block away. The ice has been that bad.

You wouldn’t think it to look at me now, but I used to be a hell of a swimmer. I could paddle around a pool before I could walk, thanks to my grandparents on my dad’s side and their pools. Nowadays, thanks to my weight and my ankylosing spondylitis, I’m not great at it anymore, but it’s still my favorite exercise, by far.

Which leads me to workouts. Ugh, I need to push myself harder with winter cardio. As boring as it might be to walk in place in front of a TV, I need to do it. How are your own workouts coming? Feel free to brag it up in the comments.

Author: therealcamlowe

Writer, occasional victim of pug crop-dusting.

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