Team Chug and the editing process

Here’s a funny Team Chug story for you.
I do my edits in two phases. The first is on the computer, where I edit for story content and add in whatever I think the novel needs to round it out. I try to do grammatical edits along the way, but due to my vision, black on white writing isn’t usually the best way for me to go about this.
So when it comes time to focus on grammatical polishing, I run through the book on my iPad, where I’ve got the Kindle app set to a black background with white writing. It’s much easier for me to read, and I catch probably ten times as many errors this way. Now obviously I don’t need to be sitting at a desk to read on my Kindle, so I allow myself the comfort of reading from my big recliner or from my couch.
My dogs love this. They get to cuddle up with me – usually with Yoda sleeping on my shoulder and Sadie curled up on my man boob. We do this probably for a week or two – I read the book at least six or seven times before it’s released.
Well, since I’m also working on a short story collection at the moment, I’ve been doing edits in the morning and afternoon, interspersed with some writing runs when I get the itch to take a break. My Chihuahua Sadie is fine with this. Sadie is fine with everything. She is, straight-up, the most independent dog I”ve ever seen and wouldn’t really give a damn if the house crumbled around her. Yoda, my sweet fussy pug, on the other hand, believes he’s being tortured. He thinks we need to cuddle every day all day. So when I finish up up an editing jag and swap out for a writing one, he’s right there, sitting beside me, crying his little pug self to sleep in his bed next to my desk.
Poor little guy. It’s a rough life not having a meat pillow around for you twenty-four seven.
Team Chug

Author: therealcamlowe

Writer, occasional victim of pug crop-dusting.

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