Urban fantasy versus supernatural thrillers

Writing urban fantasy as opposed to supernatural thrillers is a bit strange but it won’t be much of a stretch for readers, I don’t think. The largest difference on the surface is that I spent seven books in the Rankin Flats series dealing with people adjusting to the supernatural in their lives and coming to grips with it. In this series, it’s established that the people who matter to the story are all well aware of the weird. Without that limitation, the plot can go to some really goofy places. Good goofy.

There’s also not as much horror here. There are a couple of scenes that will probably make people squeamish, but I’m aiming for a lighter tone. Still plenty of violence and fun to be had with the fight scenes, but yeah, Seven Heroes is, at least in this early stage, far more accessible. And it’s just flat-out fun to write. Old lady goblins. Dirty cops. Redneck cultists. It’s a kick.

Author: therealcamlowe

Writer, occasional victim of pug crop-dusting.

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