Quick update on Savor the Wicked

Finished up the major story edits for Savor the Wicked today. This is the start of a new supernatural thriller/urban fantasy series set in Rankin Flats, my fictional eastern Montana sprawl of a city. Centering around a bar catering to the supernatural and just plain weird in the city, this series is going to follow Peter Balan and Quincy Newman, two regular guys bound by the Alder Chain, an ancient magic that gives them each special talents they’ll need to survive one of the worst streets in a terrible town plagued by evil.

This first novel largely follows Peter as he comes to grips with his new lot in life. Trying to help keep his ex-wife and his son afloat, he takes a job with Quincy at his bar. They don’t just serve up drinks, though. Quincy serves as something of a concierge to the supernatural in the area, helping keep them hidden and safe from the general public. That safety is thrown into question when a succubus decides to make the Seven Heroes her next feasting ground.

I like it. It’s still got a little bit of the bite from the original Rankin Flats supernatural thrillers, but it’s not as out-and-out graphic, and I think the pacing’s a lot better than any of those novels. Peter and Quincy are both personable, and the side characters are quirky with a lot of room to grow throughout the series.

I’m holding off on a release for crafty marketing reasons – I’m going to release three books in this series rapid fire, either all at once or within a week or two of each other. With three books in the series, it may incense readers into buying all three right at once and hopefully both drive up sales and interest.

More to come soon. I’m starting Break the Castle tomorrow, and after that will come Cast the Shadows. I’m looking forward to reintroducing you all to the supernatural and the weird in Rankin Flats. It’ll be fun!


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