A Shot at Us, free until the 12th.

Hey folks! I’m running a month of freebies to help keep you entertained during these troubling times. From now until the 12th, you can grab my romance novel A Shot at Us free on Kindle (grab it here) A somber, sweet story about love, hope, and the kindnesses we share along the way, A Shot at Us is a modern retelling of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Days before Christmas, Gwen Irving faces a terrible reality. Her chronic illnesses and hospital stays have left her beloved family in abject poverty, and her continued existence costs them a fortune every day she’s alive. When she lands in the hospital yet again for pneumonia, Gwen wanders out into a freezing Montana night to contemplate helping her family out the only way she can see how.

Her husband Malcolm finds out she’s disappeared, and slowly realizes what Gwen’s trying to do. As fifteen years of their life together is lovingly remembered, Malcolm desperately tries to find his wife, because he knows the truth – her life is previous, even at the cost of her every breath. A Shot at Us is a perfect novel for the troubling times we’re facing right now. Hope, friends. And love.
AShotAtUs eBook cover new

Author: therealcamlowe

Writer, occasional victim of pug crop-dusting.

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