Visibility without Twitter and Facebook

One of the things I worry about not being a part of social media is book visibility, but this last week has, if not proven, at least provided a good sample of evidence that I don’t need it. Sales are up, KENP numbers are up, everything seems to be good on that end and I’m a lot less stressed about people being… well, people. Win-win.

I’ve also been watching Harley Quinn in small fits. It’s a great show, sort of along the lines of something like Archer or It’s Always Sunny in terms of its humor and crassness. It throws jokes out so rapid-fire sometimes that the misses don’t really matter, and the hits are pretty damn great. The voicework is top notch too, with Kaley Cuoco as the headliner being a fantastic choice for the role.

Author: therealcamlowe

Writer, occasional victim of pug crop-dusting.

2 thoughts on “Visibility without Twitter and Facebook”

  1. I don’t know how long you’ve been off twitter, but I’m guessing it’s about the same length of time that my twitter feed has been garbage, so thanks for that. Lol jk, in all seriousness, good for you for getting off, social media is just awful. I love your books, keep up the awesome writing!!! ❤


    1. Hey, thanks so much, and good to see your name pop up.

      I want to say I left them both a month or so ago. It got exhausting watching people become these contrarian douchebags just to spit in someone else’s eye. Part of it is also on me. I don’t like to police myself or my opinions and I just don’t need the kind of stress and frustration that was bringing to my life. Since I was on Twitter and Facebook largely to promote my books and wasn’t receiving any sort of significant nudge from having a social media presence, I just said screw it and decided to leave.

      Facebook is a little trickier since I’m still on Messenger, but that’s largely how a lot of my friends and I keep in touch, and a lot of my business contacts don’t have actual websites. Bleh.


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