Goodbye to Ariama

I have unpublished Journey of the Caged, and that breaks my heart. But it’s not up to the standards I want.

To Nao, Gavrien, Lennox, and all the rest, I love you so much. You rode in the back of my mind for a decade and change, and I’m thankful I finally got a chance to tell your story. I’m sorry it wasn’t as good as you deserve.

Today sucks.

Author: therealcamlowe

Writer, occasional victim of pug crop-dusting.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye to Ariama”

  1. That is a bummer to hear. The book has real potential, I just think you were putting way to much into a very small package. Honestly, I think it should have been a series, not a single book. Give it some time and go back to it.


    1. I think a story can be poisoned in the mind if it’s carried around too long or if something bad happens to the heart. I don’t regret trying to write a short fantasy novel so much as I regret not being able to tell the story as it was in my head twelve or thirteen years ago. Unpublishing this novel throws a lot of things out of whack – especially for Seven Heroes, which was going to tie directly into that world in a huge way. But unpublishing it also frees me from that mental obligation and leaves the plot wide open to other possibilities not carrying that taint with them.


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