About the Author

Hey there, I’m Cameron Lowe, writer, pug owner, and all-around nerd.  When I’m not writing or walking my dog, I’m usually playing games or reading. I live in White Sulphur Springs, not all that far from my fictional city of Rankin Flats (it’s about maybe a hundred miles west of there? I’m terrible with geography). When it isn’t the frozen butthole of hell around these parts, it’s really beautiful, which is why I mention it so often in the novels.

I’m kind of a quiet nerdy type. I love science fiction and fantasy, but you’re not likely to see me dressed up at cons or anything so bold as that. I like to keep my fandom of things tempered, if that makes sense. That said, give me half a chance and I’ll talk your ear off about Dark Matter, Z Nation, Battlestar Galactica, or all things video games, Shakespeare, and books.

I went to college at Missour Valley back in the day, and left there with an English degree. At various points in my life, I’ve been a Shakespearean actor, a gopher poisoner, a wrestling manager, a politician, and a rattlesnake killer. I’m legally blind, but I try not to use that as a means to get into any doors, writing-wise. I’m also a budding weight loss enthusiast who is just now starting to get into light weightlifting. Might be a bit late in life, but hey, the effort counts.

I can be found all over the Internet.  Here’s some other ways of tracking me over the internet.

For video game talk, I’m Sparky_Buzzsaw over on GiantBomb.com, where I used to moderate and now bullshit about all things RPGs and adventure games, as well as make a nuisance of myself.

And here I am over on Twitter, where I love to talk about anything and everything.  I’m doggedly terrible at Twittering, but this is probably the best way to get in contact with me.

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