For All the Sins of Man is now available!

Heya, folks! You can now pick up a copy of For All the Sins of Man for only $2.99 on Amazon here. I’m very proud of this one. It explores some dark themes, such as spousal and child abuse, which might not be to everyone’s tastes, but I really do hope you give it a shot. I look forward to introducing you to Sloan and Rowen, two of my favorite characters to date.

Paperback copies of GATHB

Heya, folks! Paperback copies of The Ghost At His Back are now available on Amazon here! The cover looks gorgeous in matte. I’ll be starting the process to get Shifting Furies on paperback soon – hopefully by the end of October. Something like that.

If you’re not from the U.S. of A. and want to pick up a copy, you can do so via my CreateSpace page here!

Shifting Furies is now available!

Book 2 o the Rankin Flats supernatural thrillers hit Amazon today, and I couldn’t be more excited. It was a lot of fun to write, and I had a great team of proofreaders to help me on my way. Here’s a brief synopsis to whet your appetite:

Still reeling from the events of The Ghost At His Back, Garrett, Murphy, and Brianna must take on a new threat in Rankin Flats – a shapeshifter. This “personal espionage agent” has been called in to hunt down a philanthropist and his elusive brother, and it’s willing and able to kill anyone who gets in its way.

Can Garrett and Brianna fight their way through the pain to prevail against this new terrifying threat? Or are they doomed from the very start? And just how do you fight against something that can take the form of anyone it likes?

To find out, pick up your copy today on Kindle or the Kindle app on your smartphone or iPad!

And coming soon… paperback copies of The Ghost At His Back!

My new FB author page and a general update

Hey folks!  I can now be found on Facebook here.  On my author page, you’ll find the full first chapter of my novel Ghost At His Back.  If you’re a fan, please feel free to share the page with your friends.

Shifting Furies is undergoing the formatting knife after some disastrous mistakes on my part.  I’m going to do at least one more pass through it when I get it back, but once it’s back in my hands, I’ll be fixing a few tidbits and hopefully getting it out to beta readers soon.

I also started the third novel yesterday, tentatively titled For All the Sins of Man.  It’s looking good so far.  I think the introductory chapter is the sharpest of the three novels.  It might be a darker novel overall, exploring themes like spousal and child abuse.  I think that’s a good thing.  I want my characters’ emotional limits pushed.  I want them to face down questions that don’t have great answers.

When will it be done?  I don’t know.  I’m hoping to get Shifting Furies out by late August or early September, and I’d love to have For All the Sins of Man out maybe by Christmastime, though.  We’ll see!

The first draft of Shifting Furies is done!

I’m happy to announce that the first draft of Shifting Furies (formerly Ghost and the Shifter) is now complete.  I finished it a day or two ago, and forced myself to take a little break before I come back to it and attack it with a machete.  It’s at about 110k right now, and with a bit of detail thrown in, it should top out at about the same length as GATHB.

I’m mostly happy with it.  I think the parts dealing with Brianna are the best of the two novels, giving her some flaws and cracks in her facade that she kind of needed.  Monica Ames, Rankin Flats’ PD’s finest (also known as the Ball Chomper), was also a surprise to me in this one.  I intended her to be a bit of a guide-type character, pointing the MCs in a direction of a crime to set up the novels, and she’s evolved into something more.  It’s nice when a character surprises you like that.

Anyways, editing will start soon.  I plan on taking my time with it and really polishing this one, but it shouldn’t need a full rewrite like GATHB.  I’ll hopefully have it out sometime in August or September.