Bone Carvers is out now on Kindle!

…and you can get your hands on it right here!

When Garrett’s former FBI ally Shannon Oliver goes rogue (not to mention insane), she decides her months-long fight with the Legion needs to come to a close in a spectacular fashion. Knowing she can’t do this alone and believing Garrett wouldn’t help her, she comes up with a cunning, dark plan – kidnap the woman he loves and turn themselves in to the cannibalistic Legion.

Locked in a brutal race against the clock, Garrett must find Hamber, a town cloaked in dark magic hiding it from the eyes of all mankind, save those who are invited in to become their next supper. Can Garrett find the illusive city in time to save Brianna from the city of the damned? You’ll have to find out by picking up your copy today!

The story behind Bone Carvers

It’s weird being done with Bone Carvers, because that story has been rolling around in my mind for fifteen years. My mom and I were driving from Montana to Missouri and came across the creepiest little town (which will remain nameless, because I’m sure the people there are great and I don’t want to get murdered).
Almost all the buildings looked terribly damaged or unkept, but in really fascinating ways. They seemed normal, but once you got a closer look, the foundations were cracked, the paint on the walls was almost non-existent, and almost no one had maintained their lawns in weeks, if not months.
We stopped at a gas station to get sodas or whatever, and almost everything inside was out of date and dusty. We eventually got so weirded out we just decided that whatever we needed could wait until the next place.
That real story became a novel I actually wrote in… mmm… 2009 or 2010. It was a miserable piece of garbage, but it had some good elements in it. In that version, a widower and his daughter flee the memories of the wife he felt he had to kill. she’d developed brain cancer that had left her wild, vicious, and more than a little abusive to their daughter, so rather than watching his wife and daughter both suffer, the man killed her in her hospital bed.
When they fled across the country, they wound up in a small town – Hamber – where the man’s daughter disappears after he goes in to get food and gas. His search for her is aided by an assassin on the run from the law (who later became the foundation for Garrett Moranis, the protagonist of my novels), but as they peel back the layers of Hamber, they realize the place is under the thumb of some great and terrible demon half-trapped in their world and looking for a human host in the daughter.
Most of these elements didn’t make it into the final product some seven years later. Obviously the leads changed to Garrett, Brianna, and Murphy, the heroes of my Rankin Flats series. But there are definitely elements of that original story that bleed through the paper, so to speak. The gas station plays a pivotal role in introducing the weirdness o Hamber. As mentioned, Garrett has roots in one of the characters in that novel, but Kyo was a much more brutal, strange character and badly written in every regard.
In a way, finishing  Bone Carvers helps me tie a bow on a period of my writing that went unfulfilled. I can now move on to other stories, fresher ones, and can bank that one in the win column. At least I hope it’s a winner, anyways. It’s far more brutal and horror-centric than the prior novels, but I like it regardless. It has teeth.
Lots and lots of teeth.

For All the Sins of Man is now available!

Heya, folks! You can now pick up a copy of For All the Sins of Man for only $2.99 on Amazon here. I’m very proud of this one. It explores some dark themes, such as spousal and child abuse, which might not be to everyone’s tastes, but I really do hope you give it a shot. I look forward to introducing you to Sloan and Rowen, two of my favorite characters to date.

Paperback copies of GATHB

Heya, folks! Paperback copies of The Ghost At His Back are now available on Amazon here! The cover looks gorgeous in matte. I’ll be starting the process to get Shifting Furies on paperback soon – hopefully by the end of October. Something like that.

If you’re not from the U.S. of A. and want to pick up a copy, you can do so via my CreateSpace page here!

Shifting Furies is now available!

Book 2 o the Rankin Flats supernatural thrillers hit Amazon today, and I couldn’t be more excited. It was a lot of fun to write, and I had a great team of proofreaders to help me on my way. Here’s a brief synopsis to whet your appetite:

Still reeling from the events of The Ghost At His Back, Garrett, Murphy, and Brianna must take on a new threat in Rankin Flats – a shapeshifter. This “personal espionage agent” has been called in to hunt down a philanthropist and his elusive brother, and it’s willing and able to kill anyone who gets in its way.

Can Garrett and Brianna fight their way through the pain to prevail against this new terrifying threat? Or are they doomed from the very start? And just how do you fight against something that can take the form of anyone it likes?

To find out, pick up your copy today on Kindle or the Kindle app on your smartphone or iPad!

And coming soon… paperback copies of The Ghost At His Back!