The music behind Rankin Flats

While I wait on my advance readers and the final edits to the cover (and to avoid doing real work), I figured I’d share some of the music that helped inspire and shape the direction of the Rankin Flats novels.  This is a growing playlist and will be added to throughout the years as I write more and more.  Enjoy!  It’s an eclectic list and I purposefully only included one song from each artist (for the moment – that might change later), but there were multiple songs that could have qualified here from John Carpenter, the Black Keys, and Blackmill.  There’s no particular set order in which these should be listened to, so have at them.


Hey folks, welcome to the blog of Cameron Lowe, writer of the Rankin Flats supernatural thrillers.  Here you’ll find ramblings about the writing, releases, and probably a lot of pictures of my pug.  The first novel – the Ghost At His Back – is set for release before the end of May.  Bear with me as I figure out how to blog again.  It’s been a while.  Feel free to leave comments and questions below, and if you’re reading anything new and notable, always feel free to share it here.  I love me some good book recommendations.